About us...

The Cuisine

The main dish at the Risotteria Melotti is "RISOTTO". 


What is it?

It is traditionally made in northern Italy, prepared by cooking the rice together with other ingredients in order to transform it into a unique dish. "Risotto" is a dish that tells a story of its territory, its history and its tradition.

The Rice is a product which can be mixed with infinite ingredients, such as fish, meat, vegetables, cheese and much more.

Every Risotto should be made with seasonal ingredients and accompanied by a good wine of your choice.

Gluten Free dishes


The restaurant offers a wide range of 100% GLUTEN FREE rice-based dishes to satisfy all the customers requests.

Buon Appetito!

Wines from Verona

We offer a high selection of Italian wines for a complete italian experience. The red Amarone wine, Soave and Lugana white wines and more...Tastes of Verona and Veneto region.

The Melotti Restaurants

The first "Risotteria Melotti" was opened in Isola della Scala, in the region of VERONA, in 2002. The idea of opening a Risotteria in New York came in order to make this typical and traditional italian dish known and cooked by us, with the rice we produce and with the typical old style techniques used in Isola della Scala.

The New York Restaurant "Risotteria Melotti NYC" is fulfilling the Melotti Family dream. It has been located in the very trendy East Village in the city of Manhattan, since 2013.

Risotteria Melotti is also in ROME, FLORENCE and MILAN!

The Shop

Rice and rice-based Specialities can be purchased in the little shop inside the "Risotteria Melotti" Restaurant.